Problem solved... and another one begins xdxdxd

2017-07-27 00:56:11 by Nigu652

Hello, buds from all da world

I just uploaded my latest song, Sailing the Clouds, about a week and a half from when I should have posted it. GG, Internet speed at my country. It's... cute, tbh. Check it out :D

Anyways, the point I wanted to tell you in this post is that, having these three songs finished, I've run out of worthy WIPs (uHeavenly Woods is hard to continue, but uCacola actually can be worthy), and my creative musical juices are running low. If I do anything from hereon, shall God bless me for it to be an actually good song to release like a single - just like all of the ones I've uploaded except Swish.

So, I have started anew from keyboard mashing and recording several bases for potential songs to develop.

But, there's something that hopefully will be something great: uRBHRd.2. Try to guess what that abbreviation means. And when you guess, well, it's gonna be something a lot bigger than that.

K that's it for this time. Thanks for reading, good specific part of the day.

-Nigu. 8)/


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2017-07-27 02:05:46

RBHR - Robot Burnt His Room

Nigu652 responds:

You went a letter too far. And that's not the acronym, but good try.


2017-07-27 03:52:24


Nigu652 responds:

tf is wrong with u