I like making music and I haven't stopped

2017-03-25 03:09:25 by Nigu652

Hello, meinen Buddien 8)/

I was bored and I wanted to update my feed to let you know I don't die and for those means I decided to create a news post to just put some random song names that are on my draft and all of which start with the letter u which means unfinished:

  1. uHeavenly Woods
  2. Cyclic Remorse
  3. uCacola
  4. U-Turn
  5. nononon
  6. uSailing the Clouds

There are some other ones like uLake and uFarewell and uYou Know and uBarking and uRBHRd.2 but those are irrelevant except for the last one which is indeed relevant and that's why it was turned to an acronym of sorts.

Kudos, run-on sentences.


EDIT: removed "u" and added bold text to Cyclic Remorse and nononon, which I finished. Plus, added list numbering.


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