So close... (Crash at over 95%)

2017-03-09 19:44:17 by Nigu652

Fine. Hello, fellow buds. 8)/

Something quite cool happened recently, and that is, I got scouted. Thanks to @Skiddle (does the at work) for supporting me, have a <3 Skiddle

That means you can now download my songs and other stuff, and I can now use my songs in Geometry Dash!

Except not. :y. Bc RubRub already established the song restrictions for Newgrounds. Man, how would I have loved to see the name of my song in a level. :y.

That's it, thx4reading and have a nice day


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2017-03-09 19:49:41

No problem bud! And I know you'll get whitelisted someday :)

Nigu652 responds:

Ah, would that be amazing. <3