Entry #1

Trying to produce shtef.

2017-01-15 22:00:24 by Nigu652

Hello, buddies, Happy New Year in Newgrounds. :). This is an informative post, to let you know I'm not doing nothing (double negative intended).

I planned this song from last year (OK, that sounds like a bad joke about the New Year), about August, as I saw it could turn out pretty handy in Geometry Dash. Also, it would be a moment to get out of my comfort zone, as it's a new genre I had listened, but not even tried before. I went on with this project and took it very seriously. Especially since it's the first song I post-produce, instead of exporting it raw from GarageBand.

Fine, so the genre is Orchestral Dubstep. Yes, it's quite hard to do Dubstep in GarageBand, but I think I did something nice with a single lead. But I don't know how to make a good transition from energetic electronic drums to vintage acoustic ones, mainly because of volume and gain differences in between both.

I still consider myself a newbie in the music subject, and think I will always, since I learn new stuff everyday. So, I am accepting advice from all of you guys who have some knowledge in producing music (that's, if you ever stop by, ofc). As Ringo says, I'll get by with a little help from my friends.

Thanks for reading.



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