Also about Sailing the Clouds

2017-07-27 01:04:16 by Nigu652

'Sailing the Clouds' GarageBand layout pic :D


oh no it's too small sorry for that

-Nigu. 8)/

Hello, buds from all da world

I just uploaded my latest song, Sailing the Clouds, about a week and a half from when I should have posted it. GG, Internet speed at my country. It's... cute, tbh. Check it out :D

Anyways, the point I wanted to tell you in this post is that, having these three songs finished, I've run out of worthy WIPs (uHeavenly Woods is hard to continue, but uCacola actually can be worthy), and my creative musical juices are running low. If I do anything from hereon, shall God bless me for it to be an actually good song to release like a single - just like all of the ones I've uploaded except Swish.

So, I have started anew from keyboard mashing and recording several bases for potential songs to develop.

But, there's something that hopefully will be something great: uRBHRd.2. Try to guess what that abbreviation means. And when you guess, well, it's gonna be something a lot bigger than that.

K that's it for this time. Thanks for reading, good specific part of the day.

-Nigu. 8)/

I like making music and I haven't stopped

2017-03-25 03:09:25 by Nigu652

Hello, meinen Buddien 8)/

I was bored and I wanted to update my feed to let you know I don't die and for those means I decided to create a news post to just put some random song names that are on my draft and all of which start with the letter u which means unfinished:

  1. uHeavenly Woods
  2. Cyclic Remorse
  3. uCacola
  4. U-Turn
  5. nononon
  6. uSailing the Clouds

There are some other ones like uLake and uFarewell and uYou Know and uBarking and uRBHRd.2 but those are irrelevant except for the last one which is indeed relevant and that's why it was turned to an acronym of sorts.

Kudos, run-on sentences.


EDIT: removed "u" and added bold text to Cyclic Remorse and nononon, which I finished. Plus, added list numbering.

So close... (Crash at over 95%)

2017-03-09 19:44:17 by Nigu652

Fine. Hello, fellow buds. 8)/

Something quite cool happened recently, and that is, I got scouted. Thanks to @Skiddle (does the at work) for supporting me, have a <3 Skiddle

That means you can now download my songs and other stuff, and I can now use my songs in Geometry Dash!

Except not. :y. Bc RubRub already established the song restrictions for Newgrounds. Man, how would I have loved to see the name of my song in a level. :y.

That's it, thx4reading and have a nice day

Trying to produce shtef.

2017-01-15 22:00:24 by Nigu652

Hello, buddies, Happy New Year in Newgrounds. :). This is an informative post, to let you know I'm not doing nothing (double negative intended).

I planned this song from last year (OK, that sounds like a bad joke about the New Year), about August, as I saw it could turn out pretty handy in Geometry Dash. Also, it would be a moment to get out of my comfort zone, as it's a new genre I had listened, but not even tried before. I went on with this project and took it very seriously. Especially since it's the first song I post-produce, instead of exporting it raw from GarageBand.

Fine, so the genre is Orchestral Dubstep. Yes, it's quite hard to do Dubstep in GarageBand, but I think I did something nice with a single lead. But I don't know how to make a good transition from energetic electronic drums to vintage acoustic ones, mainly because of volume and gain differences in between both.

I still consider myself a newbie in the music subject, and think I will always, since I learn new stuff everyday. So, I am accepting advice from all of you guys who have some knowledge in producing music (that's, if you ever stop by, ofc). As Ringo says, I'll get by with a little help from my friends.

Thanks for reading.